Wind generators

MC2 holds a solid know-how in design of turntable and swivel assemblies, as well as variable pitch devices and hydraulic systems for wind generators.

Solar power plants

MC2 supplies valuable help for the calculation and erection of solar power plants, designing towers, sun colectors and trackers.

Photovoltaic power plants

MC2 designs high, medium and low concentration photovoltaic power plants, calculating specific structures and trackers.

Thermal solar collectors

MC2 calculates and designs parabolic, trough colectors and Fresnel, including fixed and mobile structures, trackers and hydraulic systems.

Hydrogen supply stations

MC2 designs filling stations intended to supply fuel to hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Experimental solar equipment

MC2 designs and builds experimental equipments for production of hydrogen, as the reactor shown in the picture.

Heliostats and heliotropes

MC2 designs equipment for solar power stations, including whole heliostat and heliotrope structures, trackers, pylon and foundations.


Aircraft assembling stations

MC2 designs jigs and stations for the assembling of aeronautical components and whole aircrafts.

Automated assembly lines

MC2 designs mobile lines for the semiautomatic assembling of aeronautical components.

Intelligent handling systems

MC2 designs and builds handling and lifting intelligent systems. A built-in self-levelling feature keeps the load horizontal regardless of the amount of the mass and the position of the center of gravity. Loads of unknown weight can be, then, easily and safety lifted and handled to assembly.

Aircraft component test stations

MC2 designs test stations for aeronautical component and whole aircraft ultimate load and fatigue testing.


Tracked machinery

MC2 designs tracked farm equipment, performing excellent results over every kind of farm soils.

Smart vehicles

MC2 designs and builds intelligent vehicles including multiple sensors allowing a high degree of autonomous driving.

Rail vehicles

MC2 has developed dual rail-road systems for railway erection and maintenance vehicles.

Special purpose harvesters

MC2 designs and builds fully automated olive harvesting equipments with automatic features such as georeferencing, artificial vision and obstable detection via laser sensors.

Elevating work platforms

MC2 holds know-how in the design and manufacturing of scissor platforms and vehicle-mounted elevating work platforms.

Wheeled machinery

MC2 designs industrial and agricultural wheeled equipment, both tractor-drawn and self-propelled farm equipment, including biomass harvesters and chippers, self-levelled spreaders and feeding and compacting pieces of machinery.

Automatic systems

MC2 designs, build and put to work fully automatic transport systems for both indoors and outdoors duties

Hybrid vehicles for urban services

MC2 designs and builds self propelled vehicles intended for urban services, equipped with hybrid traction diesel-batteries, so allowing a soft, silent run and long range.


Power lines tower test stations

As a sample of the many special structures MC2 has designed, the power line tower test station shown on the picture shows outstanding features, with capacity for towers up to 80 meters high.

Photovoltaic canopies

MC2 has designed special structures such as the photovoltaic canopy belonging to Forum 2004 shown on the picture, Europe’s biggest.

Special purpose towers

MC2 designs towers and structures for specific purposes,as gantries for road signaling, radar towers, mobile phone repeaters, lighting poles and elevated water tanks.


Power line laying equipment

The machine shown on the picture belongs to a series specially designed and built to lay an underground 400kV line under the runways of Barajas Airport (Madrid)

Material handling equipment

MC2 designs material handling equipment, such as belt conveyors and elevators.

Production machines

MC2 designs special machines for special purposes, such as coil forming machines for armoured transformers and bespoken milling like the one shown on the picture.

Cable driven machinery

MC2 designs and manufactures cable driven machines including lifting winches, double-drum traction capstans, self-climbing devices for lifting purposes and scaffolding, and safety parachutes.

Mining equipment

MC2 designs and builds mining special equipment, including entire automatic sampling plants.

Special machines

MC2 has designed and built many special pieces of machinery, such as mixing and delivering machines for re-used tyres, inspection equipment, tilting and loading machines, and the ice-cleaning equipment shown on the picture.


Olive fat efficiency

Whenever olive oil is produced, some kind of sampling is required to predict the quality of the final product by quickly treating a simple of olives. The Olive Fat Efficiency Analyser Set manufactured by MC2 Ingeniería y Sistemas S.L. provides a fast and inexpensive mean to obtain a sample of oil, operating ecologically and in accordance with the world-wide known Abencor® system.

Experimental scale railroad

MC2 has designed, manufactured and erected a scale railroad circuit intended for the study of dynamic forces in rail vehicles and infrastructures, currently in service in the Upper Engineering School of Seville University.

Test benches

MC2 has designed and built test benches for testing of aeronautical structures, lift motors, self closing devices, composite samples and for fatigue probe testing. MC2 has built benches for educational purposes involving threads, vibration, kinematics, hydraulics and electrohydraulics.


Stage machinery

MC2 designs and builds theater and auditorium stage equipment both lower stage machinery (stage platforms, piano lifts, trapdoors, revolving and sliding stages) and upper stage machinery (hoist points, flybars, acoustic curtains, variable acoustic systems).

Parade trains

The know-how of MC2 in vehicle technology and show business has allowed some paramount achievements, such as the parade train built for Cirque du Soleil show at Zaragoza Expo 2008, shown in the picture

Museum and exhibition equipment

MC2 has co-operated in the design and manufacturing of pieces of special equipment for museums and exhibitions (Museo de la Ciencia, Cuenca; Museo de la Ilustración, Valencia, Expo’92 Sevilla, Expo 98 Lisboa, Forum 2004 Barcelona, Expo 2005 Aichi (Japón), Expo 2008 Zaragoza y Expo 2010 Shanghai).

Theme Park Equipment

MC2 has designed and built special equipment for theme parks, as the boat show for Terra Mítica Park, shown in the picture.

Mechanical scenery

MC2 designs and builds motor-driven and computer-controlled mechanical sets, allowing to obtain the special effects searched by the creative staff.

Theater design

The experience gathered by MC2 along over 25 years allows us to give valuable support to architects in charge of designing theatres, auditoriums or stage spaces.